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Harbinger is a digital shop based in NYC that helps brands and agencies tell big stories to bigger audiences online and around the world. Put us to work for you!

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Harbinger produces custom digital platforms that power the next generation of user engagement with brands, marketing and products. We are passionate about leveraging technology to direct and amplify the power of storytelling worldwide. Our work spans the breadth of digital media but shares a common tactical approach.

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Harbingers are problem solvers and dreamers. We like to come up with ideas big and small with our clients and agency partners. Our producers are all creatives at heart, and bring their particular specialty to the table at all stages of the process.

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The digital practice encompasses everything from social channel audit and optimization, all the way up to full scale enterprise platform development. Things in-between include: social apps, websites, mobile apps, innovation and more.

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Harbinger began as a content production shop and although the eyeballs have shifted, our focus remains keenly on telling a good story, in a captivating way. Content creation now includes more bite-sized social content packages in addition to web and television video series.

Recent Work

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Some Cool Products We've Launched

In Our Free Time


Harbinger has concieved, designed, built and launched a wide spectrum of digital projects across a variety of mediums. Explore some recent work and greatest hits below.


Coca-Cola World Cup 2010

Harbinger led creative, screenplay development, oversaw production and post-production on a multi-million dollar 3D film that toured every country in the world with the World Cup Trophy in 2010.

Project Description

Coca-Cola was launching an incredible experiential marketing campaign called the Trophy Tour, in which the World Cup itself traveled to every country in the world with an immersive marketing experience that was topped off with a 3D film in an IMAX theater that was constructed on site.

There was just one problem: they didn't have a story to tell with that film.

Harbinger dug into the storytelling. This had to be an archetypal plot that transcended cultures - a story of self discovery, powered by Coke, through the lens of soccer and soccer history. It had to make use of the medium: 3D film, both live action and animated sequences. Eight minutes of awesome.

Coca-Cola was so thrilled with our creative role that they had us supervise the entire production on set in Africa and ultimately edit the final cut of the film to ensure the product was true to the original vision.

Project Features

harbinger production

Mind-blowing 3D shot by local team of experts. Shot on site in the Townships of Johannesburg, South Africa.

harbinger production

Packed with historical footage from previous FWC events to satisfy the various stakeholder's needs, the project leveraged a "Coca-Cola powered Time Machine" to drive the narrative.

harbinger production

An intense animated section delivered the emotional payoff before the climactic "revealing of the Trophy" behind the movie screen.

Nike World Cup 2006

Harbinger's concept and execution for an interactive video series was a huge internet sensation.

Project Description

Harbinger's concept and execution for an interactive video series was a huge internet sensation. After seeding the initial microsite with 100+ video clips from around the world, users flocked to the campaign, adding tens of thousands of clips and millions of views. The best clips were then edited into a popular TVC.

Harbinger also produced an original doc series on global youth soccer stories, taking viewers to the street soccer matches of Shanghai to the Soweto Township "iDiski". The series was a hit and ended up on-air as the stories were picked up by news channels worldwide.

Project Features

harbinger production

Harbinger sourced insane soccer tricks from over 15 different countries around the world in order to seed the UGC campaign concept and instigate some friendly competition from the fans.

harbinger production

Users uploaded their own tricks into a microsite created by Nike - which soon became an internet and World Cup 06 sensation.

harbinger production

Harbinger's archive was then cut into a popular TVC. In addition to the interactive component, Harbinger produced 7 short documentaries around the world on captivating stories within youth soccer culture.

Rewards / Loyalty Platform

Our own API based platform for creating an ongoing rewards / points system for users who engage with ecommerce, brand social content and channels.

Project Description

Leverage the power of gamification to drive engagement and seamlessly integrate your PoS and Experiential Marketing efforts with Social, Digital and Word-of-Mouth. The points system can be visible to the user, or invisibly assigned to them to optimize engagement. Points can be redeemed for coupons, contest entries, exclusive content or products. Included are a number of game modules to visualize your points progression, see a global leaderboard, and much more.

With a variety of templates to choose from, integration with your existing website or upcoming campaign is practically turn-key. Change the color themes and graphics assets, edit all copy and assign whatever actions, points and potential prizes all via the CMS. Sync user activity to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest channels.

Project Features

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A variety of templates and modules allow you to easily deploy to your site or campaign. Users can gain points for liking, following, sharing, watching content, taking polls, uploading content and even checking in at a location.

harbinger production

A global and friends leaderboard adds a little bit of gamification into the mix, allowing users to see where the stand in ranking and also see what actions their friends have taken to gain points.

harbinger production

Fully controlled via CMS, the platform collects user data at every point of interaction. Sort through user data by demographic/market breakdown, or drill down into the individual user profiles.


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